New Poll Reveals Bad News for Democrats

New Poll Reveals Bad News for Democrats

( – Republicans continue to work toward regaining control of the House and Senate in next year’s 2022 midterm elections. History and recent polling show the GOP has every reason to be optimistic about their chances.

On Sunday, October 31, NBC News released the results of its latest public opinion survey. Carrying a margin of error among registered voters of only +/- 3.42%, its results provide some good news to Republicans. Only 22% of respondents said they thought the country was “generally headed in the right direction.” That figure represents a 14% decrease from April’s 36%.

Asked about their opinions regarding the nation’s two political parties, 35% of the participants said they felt positive about Republicans versus 33% who felt the same about Democrats.

Republicans also hold a significant edge on Democrats regarding several key issues like dealing with or controlling:

  • Inflation: 24%
  • Crime: 22%
  • National security: 21%
  • The economy: 18%

Perhaps most telling, Republicans hold a huge advantage when it comes to turning out the vote. Midterm elections typically have lower voter turnout, particularly for whichever party controls the White House. However, a whopping 69% of registered Republican voters expressed a high level of interest in voting in the midterms. Only 58% of Democrats had the same interest level.

It’s particularly striking that this poll originated with NBC New considering its well-known left-leaning tendencies. If Biden has lost news organizations like NBC, it stands to reason that mainstream America could quickly follow behind them.

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