New Poll Paints Poor Picture of Biden’s Performance

New Poll Paints Poor Picture of Biden's Performance

( – It’s no secret that President Joe Biden’s approval rating has decreased in the wake of his failed border policies and rising inflation. He polled well among a broad spectrum of voters prior to his inauguration, but since May 2021 his numbers have steadily dropped. A new poll indicates that many Americans are still unhappy with his leadership.

A Civiqs Poll recently surveyed nearly 200,000 US citizens throughout all 50 states. Published on May 9, the study revealed that 56% of the participants disapproved of Biden’s job performance. His ratings remained low, regardless of the age categories polled. That’s a trend other polls have highlighted as well.

According to an April Gallup Poll, after a little over one year in office, Biden’s approval ratings among millennials plummeted by 19 points. Similarly, the poll showed his ratings have also declined by 21 points throughout the Generation Z community.

Notably, the Civiqs poll only shows Biden has received marginally passing marks in four states. Participants from Massachusetts gave Biden a 46% approval rating, Vermont 51%, Hawaii 49%, and Maryland 46%. Those states are considered largely Liberal.

Overall, Biden continues to be a divisive figure among American voters. Do you think his poor polling numbers will impact the upcoming midterm elections?

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