New Ohio Measure Could Let Teachers Carry Guns With Less Training

New Ohio Measure Could Let Schools Arm Employees

GOP Lawmakers Pass SHOCKING Plan To Protect Against Mass Shootings

( – In the wake of a series of horrific school shootings, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R-OH) plans to sign House Bill 99, which may significantly expand the safety measures within local educational facilities. The new legislation also aims to arm school faculty members in a bid to protect students from harm. The controversial proposal sends a strong message to other states, even before it has officially passed.

Ohio’s new bill would permit any educator with a concealed carry license to remain armed on school grounds. Previously, such individuals would be required to have over 730 hours of training first; the measure reduces that to just 24 hours of special training for teachers. Schools and counties will have the right to increase those limits if they so choose.

At a recent press conference, Governor DeWine suggested that officials ultimately have two core options to address the problem: have students hide behind desks while working to barricade doors, or arm staff members to respond to incidents on the spot.

DeWine plans to allot $100 million to increase security measures at local schools. He’s earmarked another $5 million for colleges.

Some individuals have taken issue with DeWine’s plan. For instance, Ohio Education Association President Scott DiMauro is hesitant to burden teachers with even more responsibility than they already have, and argues that this course of action could be more harmful to school safety than helpful. However, DeWine continues to insist on pushing forward with his plan of action. He is expected to sign the new measure by the end of the month.

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