New Data Reveals Shocking Decrease in Public School Enrollment

New Data Reveals Shocking Decrease in Public School Enrollment

New Data REVEALED – Shocking Education Trend!

( – During the pandemic, many schools switched to remote learning, but some parents pulled their kids out of public schools altogether. Education Next, which monitors such data, recently reported that around 2 million fewer students were enrolled in public school as of Spring 2022 compared to the year the COVID-19 pandemic began.

The organization attributes the drop to a migration to private and charter schools. The homeschooling population also reportedly increased to around 7% during that time, contributing to the decrease in the student population. Although the group stated the shift was “modest” in this area, the choice played a role in its study.

According to the data, private school enrollments increased 10% this year, and charter schools saw a 7% upswing, compared to 8% and 5% in 2020 — respectively. Education Next admits there is a shift in education choices, but the report states there is no concern that people are completely abandoning the “traditional public school” system.

While the data shows parents were “less fearful” as of early 2022 about sending their kids back to in-person learning facilities and more confident in the education they would receive, there was still a student decline of 4%. Only time will tell if the shift is permanent.

Do you think the decline in public school enrollment will fade away as the pandemic recedes, or do you feel parents will continue to seek alternative methods for learning?

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