New Book Says Epstein Was Talking About Clintons Before His Death

New Book Says Epstein Was Talking About Clintons Before His Death

( – If the latest revelations about his relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein prove to be true, Bill Clinton may have just been tossed from a pot to a frying pan. Epstein reportedly took his own life in August 2019 while in police custody, but not before allegedly spilling his guts to another prisoner.

Alleged details regarding Epstein’s final days during pretrial detention in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center became public with the release of “The Spider” on October 20. The book is about Epstein’s, and accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell’s, “criminal web.”

The book recounts an alleged conversation about Bill Clinton that Epstein had with another inmate named William “Dollar Bill” Mersey. Epstein reportedly told Mersey about Clinton’s former days as a “lothario,” a literary reference to an unprincipled seducer of women. Continuing his story, Epstein mentioned Clinton’s multiple heart surgeries that put a halt to his behavior.

As you can see from the images above, this isn’t the first time Clinton experienced backlash from his years-long relationship with Epstein. With prosecutors hanging onto evidence pending Maxwell’s trial next summer, this may not be the last time Clinton’s name arises in conjunction with Epstein’s crimes.

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