New Biden Order to Increase Voting Access for Convicted Felons

New Biden Order to Increase Voting Access for Convicted Felons

( – The country is still reeling from the impact of the highly-disputed results of the 2020 general elections. State legislatures are working on new election protocols to avoid a repeat of the same problems in future elections. Meanwhile, President Biden signed an executive order promoting access to voting on Sunday, March 7.

The president’s order contained the usual red meat for the Democratic base. It spoke of “discriminatory policies” against members of the black community and individuals with “limited English proficiency,” for example.

The order covered a broad range of actions intended to expand access to voter registration. Of particular concern is Section 9, which mandates new voter registration and voting procedures for convicted criminals in the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ custody.

It established procedures for use by the US Marshals Service to use at jails contracted by the service. It also called for new methods of providing voter registration services to individuals on probation and parole, and to assist former inmates to obtain identification that conforms with state voter ID laws.

With the Senate evenly split, it’s possible Republicans can defeat the Democrats’ voting reform act and put together new legislation addressing election concerns and limiting the effect of Biden’s executive order.

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