Nepo Baby Lures Teen to Restaurant and Hacks Body to Pieces

( – By all accounts, 33-year-old Maxwell Anderson enjoyed a quiet, unassuming life. His employment history included working for his millionaire father’s insurance companies and, most recently, as a bartender. However, recent reports revealed a dark turn of events that resulted in his recent arraignment on murder charges.

On April 12, Milwaukee Police Chief Jeff Norman and Milwaukee County Sheriff Denita Ball held a news conference to announce their respective agency’s arrest and detention of Anderson for intentionally killing 19-year-old Sade C. Robinson on or about April 1. The law enforcement officers said the suspect “mutilated her remains” and set her car ablaze as part of an effort to “obscure potential evidence” of his brutal crime.

The law enforcement heads confirmed that the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office charged Anderson with multiple felonies. They included first-degree intentional homicide, arson, and mutilation of a corpse. The suspect faces life imprisonment on the murder charge and a combined term of incarceration of up to 16 years and $35,000 in fines, or both, on the lesser charges.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) previously issued a press release announcing the discovery of a severed human leg near a golf course in Cudahy, Wisconsin, a southern suburb of Milwaukee facing Lake Michigan. A preliminary DNA test conducted on April 2 suggested the human remains belonged to Robinson.

Cudahy Police Department officials conducted an initial investigation into the incident but later turned the case over to the WCSO. They invested the discovery of the severed human remains as a homicide.

Then, on April 4, MCSO deputies and detectives executed a search warrant at a private residence on Milwaukee’s south side. They also took an unnamed suspect into custody for questioning. It remains unclear if Anderson was the individual detained by investigators.

Local media outlets reported that court documents alleged that Robinson planned to accompany Anderson on a first date to dinner at a local restaurant. She reportedly told co-workers she looked forward to the opportunity to go out with him. One of her friends called the police the next night to report that she hadn’t shown up at work or returned her calls.

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