NBC Staff Meltdown After New Hire.

RepublicanPress.org) – NBC News executives circulated an internal memo on Friday, March 22, announcing the network’s decision to hire former Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel as a political consultant. Several hosts and contributors from NBCUniversal’s companion site, MSNBC, had a meltdown over the situation, airing their grievance on-air in several instances.

On March 24, NBC “Meet the Press” host Kristen Welker spoke with McDaniel for her first appearance on the network since her hiring. NBC News Chief Political Analyst Chuck Todd joined the program’s panel at the conclusion of the broadcast.

Welker asked Todd what he thought about her discussion with McDaniel. He responded that he felt their boss owed her “an apology” for putting her in the position of having to air the former RNC head. He explained that McDaniel had credibility issues throughout her tenure as the Republican Committee chairwoman.

Continuing, Todd said he understand the pushback against McDaniel’s hiring since NBC News’ “dealings with the RNC” the last few years was “met with gaslighting… [and] character assassination.” Todd said that ordinarily, a new hire would bring some benefit to NBC upon their hiring but questioned what value she actually brings to the network.

Likewise, the following morning, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough blasted NBC for hiring McDaniel. He told viewers that NBC didn’t bother asking him or his “Morning Joe” co-hosts what they thought about bringing the former RNC onboard the network.

Scarborough explained that had NBC execs asked their opinion, they “would have strongly objected’ to the decision for “several reasons.” For instance, he cited her role in promoting Trump’s so-called “fake elector scheme.” He also pointed to her participation in phone calls allegedly used to pressure state election officials not to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election.

A few hours later, “Deadline White House” host Nicolle Wallace added her voice to the chorus of disgruntled MSNBC hosts airing their grievances against NBC. She accused network executives of “either willingly or unwittingly” demonstrating to “election deniers” that what they can accomplish “stretches well beyond” appearing on news networks to “peddle lies” about the “integrity” and “sanctity” of the nation’s elections. They can also get hired to air their false claims as “badge-carrying” network employees.

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