NBA Ratings Plummet in 2021

NBA Ratings Plummet in 2021

( – It seems Americans are fed up with so-called “woke” athletes speaking out about social justice campaigns like recent efforts to “Defund the Police,” and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. A March 2021 poll conducted by YouGov/Yahoo News found that a significant number of Americans said they viewed fewer sporting events in the last half of 2020 because of players and teams getting involved in political and social messaging.

Sports Business Journal confirmed that decrease in viewer interest in a May 11 post on its Twitter account. The NBA experienced an average decrease of viewers of 13% over last year’s figures during the final week of the season.

However, that figure doesn’t tell the full tale. The number of viewers dropped significantly last year over 2019, presumably because the season was split because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Any way you look at it, a 13% drop in viewer interest can be a major impact to the bottom line of any business.

Athletes have a long-standing history of political and social activism. However, if players hope to continue receiving their large paychecks, perhaps it’s time for them to rethink their “woke” attitude. Former President Donald Trump said last year that he thought “people are a little tired of the NBA.” It sounds like he was right.

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