Navy SEALs Who Vanished Have Been Presumed Dead

Navy SEALS Who Vanished Have Been Presumed Dead

( – On January 16, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) released a statement stating that US Navy SEALs conducted a mission seizing a dhow in the middle of the night. The sailing vessel was illegally transporting “advanced lethal aid from Iran” on its way to Yemen to restock the Houthi group. During the January 11 operation, one SEAL was knocked into the rough seas while attempting to board the dhow, and another jumped in to save him. Both were lost in the Arabian Sea.

On January 21, CENTCOM released a statement informing the public that the missing US Navy SEALs were presumed dead. The announcement stated that the US, Japan, and Spain joined forces looking for the military members by air and by sea. They covered over 21,000 square miles but couldn’t find the missing teammates. The search gathered assistance from several organizations as well, including the US Coast Guard, the Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center, the Office of Naval Research Oceanography Support, and the University of San Diego Scripts Oceanography Institute.

The names of the SEALs were not initially released out of respect for the families. However, the individuals were later identified as 1st Class Christopher J. Chambers and 2nd Class Nathan Gage Ingram. US CENTCOM Commander General Michael Erik Kurilla sent prayers out to grieving loved ones and the Special Ops community. He said the Navy was also mourning the loss of the two highly trained “warriors,” adding that the branch will “forever honor their sacrifice” and the example they set. It’s not yet clear how long the SEALs were with the team before their disappearance. The treacherous conditions in the sea led to the initial tragedy, while sacrifice for a fellow SEAL led to the second.

During the essential operation, the SEAL team seized ballistic and cruise missile components made in Iran, including warheads for medium-range ballistic missiles, anti-ship cruise missiles, and guidance and propulsion pieces. They also captured the crew on board and sank the vessel. CENTCOM said it was the first seizure of its kind since the Houthis began their attacks in November 2023.

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