NATO Official Issues Ominous Warning

NATO Official Issues Ominous Warning

( – When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, much of the world stepped in to help the sovereign nation. Stopping Russia’s advance became a high priority for many nations. Now, a top NATO official says war with Russia may happen in the future anyway.

On January 19, the New York Post reported that Dutch Admiral Rob Bauer, who chairs NATO’s military committee, recently spoke to reporters after a meeting with other defense chiefs in Brussels. He said peace is “not a given,” and NATO forces “are preparing for a conflict with Russia.” The admiral went on to say that “not everything” will be “hunky dory in the next 20 years.” Bauer reportedly said that large numbers of civilians would be needed in an all-out war, and governments need to prepare.

According to Business Insider, a German tabloid — Bild — obtained classified documents that described a scenario where Russia wins over Ukraine and attacks a NATO ally, starting a world war. The documents reportedly speculated that Russia could launch a large attack this spring to take advantage of the West’s decreased support. According to the classified material, the scenario imagined Russia moving from Ukraine into Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia before moving troops and weapons into a notoriously NATO weak spot — the Suwalki Gap. While a German official called the prediction “extremely unlikely,” officials still want to prepare.

Lithuania’s Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis reportedly called on Europe to get ready for an attack. He said Russia might move beyond Ukraine, and Europe needs to be prepared. Landsbergis said if Ukraine loses the war, no scenario after the fact will “end well” for the continent.

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