NASA Advisor Says US Needs to Build Nuclear Spacecraft

NASA Advisor Says US Needs to Build Nuclear Spacecraft

( – The Chinese government is trying to expand its power across the world. A recently published research paper by the International Institute for Strategic Studies determined the country‚Äôs cyber ability is a decade behind the US, showing it still has progress to make in that area. However, recent Congressional testimony indicates there’s another area where the US needs to step up to compete with the communist country effectively.

On Wednesday, October 20, NASA’s senior budget and finance advisor told members of the House Subcommittee on Science, Space, and Technology the US needed to develop additional nuclear spacecraft to keep up with Chinese production.

Bhavya Lal warned Congress members that China and other strategic competitors were “aggressively investing in a wide range of space technologies.” Those investments include “nuclear power and propulsion.” Lal testified that the US needs to increase its efforts in space technologies to maintain a competitive edge and a leadership role in space.

Lal’s Congressional appearance came in the wake of recent reports that China tested a new nuclear-capable hypersonic rocket earlier this summer. The Chinese government has denied the claims.

Will President Joe Biden take a hardline approach in the face of increased Chinese moves to dominate global tech?

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