Mysterious Deaths Of 2 Border Patrol Agents Has Investigators Baffled

( – Colombian media outlets report that officials have discovered the bodies of at least 30 male visitors to Medellín so far this year, most of them Americans. Recent news reports indicated that the circumstances surrounding the recent deaths of two United States Border Patrol (USBP) agents from El Paso shortly after they traveled to the central American city have investigators baffled.

On June 23, Colombian daily newspaper El Tiempo published an article detailing the recent deaths of USBP agents Jaime Eduardo Cisneros and Alexander Ahmed. Both men traveled together to Medellín and were 54.

At approximately 7:14 p.m. local time, a staff member at a local short-term vacation rental property contacted police officers to report the discovery of the body of a semi-naked male wrapped in a sheet. The worker allegedly told law enforcement officials that the renter, Cisneros, had been seen entering the property the night before with a woman.

Staffers had observed the woman waving goodbye and leaving around dawn. The interaction was also caught on video.So far, neither the local press nor law enforcement officials have provided any other information regarding her identity or the reason for her overnight stay.

Investigators confirmed that several of Cisneros’ personal belongings, including his cell phone, were missing from his rental accommodation. They also noted that his suitcase and remaining clothing items were in “total disarray,” and his wallet had been emptied of its contents.

Colombia One speculated that a dangerous tropane alkaloid drug called Scopolamine could have caused the USBP agent’s death. Central and South American criminals use the drug to incapacitate intended victims.

Shortly after Cisneros’ death, Ahmed returned to Texas. Officials later recovered his body from an unidentified location in El Paso on June 4. The Daily Mail reported that he died from an apparent suicide but didn’t provide any additional details.

The British newspaper also confirmed that the FBI was investigating the two agents’ death. Officials with the USBP’s parent agency, the US Customs and Border Protection Service, declined to respond to a request for a comment.

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