Multiple Schools Hit With Bomb Threats

Multiple Schools Hit With Bomb Threats

( – America’s educational institutions faced numerous extraordinary challenges this year, ranging from their approach to the pandemic to questions regarding the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT). Unfortunately, some of the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities faced a different threat this weekend — a horrifying series of bomb threats.

On Sunday, November 7, officials at three Ivy League schools evacuated buildings after receiving bomb threats. They also advised students to avoid campus grounds until law enforcement officials sounded the “all clear.”

Police officers at Providence, Rhode Island’s Brown University investigated bomb threats targeting multiple buildings. Later that day, they determined the threats lacked merit. Similarly, law enforcement officials at Cornell University’s Ithaca campus lifted their warning in the early evening, stating “law enforcement has concluded… no credible threats were found.”

The NYPD announced they cleared campus buildings at Columbia University for re-occupancy and thanked everyone for their “patience and cooperation” during the evacuation.

The three Sunday bomb threats followed a similar one at Yale University on Friday and two on Saturday at Ohio universities for a total of six scares.

These threats highlight the dangers surrounding academia these days and how frightening the situation can be for faculty and staff, students and families. Do you think our leaders and communities should be doing more to address threats of violence in schools?

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