MS-13 Migrants Vicious Prison Attack Kills Police Dog

( – A recent Justice Department report discussed the ongoing violent threat posed by the MS-13 transnational gang. The Mara Salvatrucha first emerged in Los Angeles in the 1980s to protect refugees from El Salvador from rival criminal groups. Members have terrorized civilians for years and present a threat to the nation’s prison populations as well. Sadly, a recent report revealed the death of a police dog during an incident involving MS-13 members and a correctional officer.

On April 3, the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) issued a statement detailing the tragic death of K-9 Rivan. The statement advised that Rivan died in the line of duty while “heroically protecting” its assigned human partner, other staff members, and inmates at the Sussex One State Prison.

The previous day, three inmates associated with the MS-13 gang “viciously attacked” a fellow inmate at one of the prison’s housing units. The statement said a fourth prison appeared to be directing the violent assault.

Corrections Officer Kharmishia Fields and Rivan responded to the incident to stop the assault, protect other prisoners, and restore order. The MS-13 gang members repeatedly kicked and stabbed Rivan during the resulting clash.

Officials performed life-saving measures on the injured K-9 at the prison’s medical center. However, Rivan died later that day. The press release explained that Fields, a four-year veteran of the VADOC, didn’t suffer any serious injuries during the attack “due to her training” and Rivan’s “courageous” intervention.

The VADOC confirmed that officers quickly restored order thanks to the valiant efforts of Fields, Rivan, and other correctional officers. Officials transported the inmate targeted by the MS-13 gang members to a local hospital for treatment for the injuries he sustained during the brutal attack. He later returned to the prison.

Prison officials said at least three of the inmates involved in the incident were verified MS-13 members. The four aggressors originally came from El Salvador and Guatemala. All four entered the country illegally. They were serving sentences for various violent crimes like first-degree murder and other felonies like grand theft, drug possession, and child pornography.

The press release advised the VADOC officials intended to prosecute all four inmates “to the fullest extent of the law.”

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