Mountaineer Dies While Climbing 7th Highest Mountain

Mountaineer Dies While Climbing 7th Highest Mountain

( – Mount Dhaulagiri, located in Nepal, is the seventh-highest mountain in the world. The first people to reach the top belonged to a Swiss/Austrian climbing team led by Max Eiselin in 1960. Hundreds of adventurers have hit the mountain’s peak since, which stands at 8,167 meters tall. Recently, well-known Russian climber, Nadezhda Oleneva, attempted the feat but went missing during the trek.

On October 19, CBS News reported that Oleneva slipped and fell into a deep crevasse after reaching the 22,000 foot mark. While rescuers from the Russian Mountaineering Federation confirmed the climber died on the mountain, they were unable to reach her body because of the weather conditions. The organization conveyed its condolences for the loss.

Himalayan Guides Nepal Managing Director Iswari Paudel told a news outlet that rescuers saw her body on October 15, but now the area is covered with snow. The conditions make it impossible to bring her home at this time.

Oleneva was reportedly climbing with two other people when the incident occurred. Before her ascent, she posted about her upcoming climb on her Instagram account. She said the team was planning to climb 8,167 meters on the northeast ridge of the mountain. The athlete sounded very excited to go on the adventure and reach a new personal height. The Russian climber was not a novice at mountain climbing but had years of experience. According to CBS News, Oleneva made her first ascent in Kyrgyzstan in 2021.

According to A-Z Animals, Mount Dhaulagiri is the fifth most dangerous mountain to climb in the world. Mount Everest is first on the list, reportedly claiming hundreds of lives, followed by K2, Nanga Parbat, and Manaslu. The site stated most of the deaths on Mount Dhaulagiri were due to avalanches. While Oleneva reportedly died from a fall, an avalanche made it impossible to recover her body.

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