Mother Not Charged After 4 Dead Babies Found in Freezer

( – The recent release of a case report by a Boston prosecutor revealed details of a troubling case regarding an unexpected find at a residential property. An aging mother at the center of the investigation isn’t facing any charges despite the horrific facts surrounding the discovery of four dead babies in a freezer in her former apartment.

Mother Not Charged in Case Involving the Discovery of Four Dead Babies

On April 30, the Suffolk County prosecutor’s office issued a press release announcing the release of an investigative report detailing the discovery of two baby boys and two girls in a South Boston apartment freezer in November 2022. District Attorney Kevin Hayden characterized the inquiry as one of the “most complex, unusual, and perplexing” ones “ever encountered” by his office.

Hayden explained that his office couldn’t “ethically move forward” with prosecuting a case it doesn’t think it can “bring to trial.” The rest of his letter and the three-page “infants case report” explain why prosecutors’ hands are tied.

Background of the Case

In mid-November 2022, the Boston Police Department (BPD) dispatched officers to an apartment on East Broadway in response to a 911 call about a baby that might be located inside the residence. The complaining party called back before officials arrived to report that multiple babies had been discovered.

The unnamed caller said he and his spouse made the grim discovery while cleaning his sister’s apartment. She had recently moved into an assisted living center. The case report identified her as 69-year-old Alexis Aldamir.

BPD officers arrived on the scene and confirmed the presence of the dead babies’ bodies. All four were inside shoe boxes covered in foil and were frozen solid. Law enforcement officials launched a multi-agency investigation involving the BPD’s Homicide Unit, crime lab, and the Suffolk Country Prosecutor’s Office.

All four babies had their umbilical cords attached, and the two female bodies had their mother’s placenta. The Suffolk County Medical Examiner’s Office (SCME) determined that the babies were all full-term.

Medical Examiner’s Lack of Findings Bars Prosecution

The case report explained that the SCME’s office reported that there was no known test to determine how long the bodies had been stored in the freezer. Likewise, it was impossible to determine if the babies had been born alive, stillborn, or otherwise.

The babies’ autopsies didn’t reveal any evidence of “obvious” internal or external injuries. Additionally, SCME staff didn’t find any signs of formula, milk, or food in the babies’ stomachs. As a result, the medical examiner who signed the death certificates listed the babies’ cause of death as “undetermined.”

The case report explained that they could not file charges against the babies’ mother since the SCME’s office couldn’t determine if the babies were born alive. Likewise, the medical examiners’ inability to find materials in their stomachs didn’t provide any evidence they survived birth. However, the lack of a cause of death barred prosecution.

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