Mother Learns Her PUNISHMENT After Faking Her Own Kidnapping

Mother Fakes Kidnapping -- Will Spend 18 Months in Prison

Mother Fakes Kidnapping — Will Spend 18 Months in Prison

( – In November 2016, mother and California resident Sherri Papini went for a run near her home and disappeared without a trace. The self-proclaimed victim surfaced a few weeks later battered, bruised, and branded, saying she was kidnapped by two Hispanic women at gunpoint and held captive. A four-year investigation proved she faked the whole ordeal. This led to her arrest in March and confession in April, where she revealed she spent the time she was missing with her boyfriend.

Papini pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI regarding her abduction and mail fraud. On September 19, Senior US District Judge William Shubb sentenced Papini to 18 months in prison. She was ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $309,902 to cover governmental expenses related to the hoax.

The mother of two will also have to serve 36 months under supervision following her release from jail. The judge said he hoped her harsh punishment would send a message to others, deterring them from trying a similar scheme, according to CBS News.

After the fake victim returned to her family, she applied for and received money from the Social Security Administration and California Victim Compensation Board to deal with her alleged trauma. After her confession, her husband filed for divorce.

Special Agent in Charge Sean Ragan credited the bureau for its in-depth investigation. In a statement, Papini said she was “deeply ashamed” and apologized for her actions.

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