More Details Emerge About Chris Cuomo Controversy

More Details Emerge About Chris Cuomo Controversy

( – New York’s former Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation in August 2021 due to an expanding sexual harassment scandal. In December, CNN spared his younger brother, Chris Cuomo, the effort to resign and terminated him for helping Andrew mount a defense to the scandal. However, a new report indicates that the younger Cuomo may have followed in his brother’s footsteps regarding workplace harassment.

On Tuesday, February 15, The New York Times published a blistering exposé detailing allegations Chris Cuomo sexually harassed a woman who worked with him at ABC News in 2011.

The New York Times reported that noted sexual harassment attorney Debra Katz sent a letter to CNN’s general counsel in later November 2021 recounting the alleged assault on her client. According to Katz, the woman, referred to as Jane Doe, worked as a temporary employee at ABC in 2011.

Chris Cuomo reportedly invited her to his office for lunch. When she arrived, she noticed there wasn’t any food to eat. Instead of lunch, Chris Cuomo supposedly pestered her about having sex. When she declined, he allegedly assaulted her, and she fled his office. The reports says Cuomo also reached out to her later, at the height of the #MeToo movement, as part of an effort to discourage her from going public about the incident.

What do you think; are Jane Doe’s allegations credible?

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