Missing Teacher Found Dead in Mexico

Missing Teacher Found Dead in Mexico

(RepublicanPress.org) – Mexico has turned into a hotbed of crime due to the war on drug cartels over nearly two decades, in addition to disputes related to other issues like domestic violence. Experts recently estimated that extreme violence resulted in injury or death to 6,314 individuals in the first 7 months of 2021. Sadly, an Atlanta, GA primary school teacher joined that growing list of victims.

On November 9, NBC-affiliated television station WXIA-TV reported the news that law enforcement officials discovered the body of 24-year-old Alexandra Morales in an abandoned rental car in Mexico. Family members reported her missing on November 5. Morales had traveled to Mexico but disappeared shortly after attending a concert outside of Guadalajara.

Morales taught first grade at Benefield Elementary School, a few miles northeast of Atlanta. A school district spokesperson told local reporters that Morales’ principal, Shonda Gipson-Stevens, talked to school district employees and called each of her pupil’s parents to tell them about the grim discovery of her body.

Mexican officials arrested Morales’ boyfriend, 28-year-old Fidel Barragan, and initially charged him with “aggravated disappearance.” However, authorities say he could face additional charges as the investigation draws to a close.

The case highlights the dangers of traveling to Mexico. Overseas or out-of-country travelers should contact the US State Department for a list of current travel advisories.

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