Missing Gravestone Turns Up After Nearly 150 Years

Missing Gravestone Turns Up After Nearly 150 Years

(RepublicanPress.org) – Just when you thought you heard it all, a new story turns up that manages to leave even the most seasoned weird news enthusiasts scratching their heads. Such is the tale of a gravestone’s safe return after a nearly 150-year journey.

In August, Peter J. Weller’s gravestone unexpectedly turned up at an estate sale after officials transferred his family’s remaining matriarch to a long-term health facility due to Alzheimer’s. Weller died in 1849, and family members buried him in Lansing, Michigan’s Oak Park Cemetery. Family members transferred his remains to Mount Hope Cemetery about 26 years later, but his gravestone didn’t accompany him.

A former Langsing resident noticed the monument and notified Friends of Lansing’s Historic Cemeteries (FOLHC), believing it probably belonged to one of the cemeteries under its care.

Here’s where the story gets weird. FOLHC President Loretta Stanaway reached out to the auctioneer for information regarding the gravestone. He told her that family members told him their mother used the slab to make fudge. They had no idea where their mother got it.

Continuing his story, the auctioneer said the family told him their mother said the gravestone was ideal for making seasonal fudge due to its marble construction.

All’s well that ends well in this story. The auctioneer donated the marker to the FOLHC, and they had it restored and placed on Weller’s grave.

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