Migrants Plan to Storm Border Ahead of Elections

(RepublicanPress.org) Migrants seeking to illegally cross into the United States through its southern border with Mexico are attempting to enter before the presidential election, due to the possibility of Donald Trump retaking the White House. Two brothers from Colombia who illegally crossed into the US claim that entering the country could be more difficult under a second Trump administration.

Migrants “don’t want Trump,” one of the brothers said. The situation for migrants attempting to cross the border could be harder depending on the outcome of the elections, the other brother said.

Whereas Trump focused much of his 2016 presidential campaign and time in office on addressing illegal migration, the US has experienced a surge in illegal migration under the Biden administration. There have been close to 7 million illegal border crossings recorded since Joe Biden took office in January 2021, in addition to approximately 1.7 million more who have avoided arrest after entry.

Trump has said that if he retakes the White House, he will deport millions of illegal migrants. Trump said that he will begin to “seal the border” and send illegal migrants home on the first day of his administration.

The US Department of Homeland Security estimates that there are approximately 11 million illegal migrants living in the US. However, Trump has claimed that the figure is likely much larger.

Although Biden has insisted that lawmakers must act to secure the border, the administration is now considering taking executive action to address the migrant crisis. The Biden administration is finalizing a plan to let Biden shut down the southern border, but the plan requires Mexico’s help.

Mexican immigration policy could be determined by the outcome of the country’s June 2 presidential election. As such, the Biden administration will likely wait until after the election to announce any new border security policies.

Given that the Biden administration would only launch the border security plan months ahead of Election Day, the question arises whether it would be too little too late. It appears that migrants are not banking on a second Biden term, instead opting to cross sooner rather than later.

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