Migrant Was Wearing Ankle Monitor When He Murdered 12YO Girl

(RepublicanPress.org) – Government agents continue to face the daunting task of screening individuals at the nation’s borders for entry into the country and eventual residency or citizenship. All too frequently, someone slips through who shouldn’t, as may be the case with a migrant who recently murdered a young girl while wearing a tracking monitor placed on his ankle by US Border Patrol officials.

On Monday, June 17, Houston police officers discovered the body of a young girl in a creek while responding to multiple 911 calls. The following day, the local medical examiner’s office designated her death a homicide as the result of strangulation. Law enforcement officials released a series of photos of a local 7-Eleven convenience store showing two male subjects of interest wanted for questioning.

A whirlwind investigation ensued. By Wednesday, officials had identified the victim as 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray. The next day, police officers located the two suspects and placed them under arrest. They publicly identified them as 22-year-old Johan Jose Martinez-Rangel and Franklin Pena, 26.

Newly acquired surveillance video shows the two men walking with Nungaray outside the 7-Eleven. Family members and other footage showed her regularly visiting the convenience store.

News outlets reported that court documents explained the gruesome details of what happened next. The two men allegedly escorted Nungaray to a nearby bridge and repeatedly assaulted her for two hours. Pena told police investigators that Martinez-Rangel then wrapped one of his arms around the victim’s neck and covered her mouth.

After killing her, Martinez-Rangel reportedly tied the young girl’s hands behind her back. He also instructed Pena to dump Nungaray’s body in the creek to remove any DNA evidence.

Sadly, this situation may have been prevented. Border Patrol agents apprehended Martinez-Rangel on March 18 near El Paso and detained Pena two weeks later. Official removed Martinez-Rangel’s monitor in May after they determined he didn’t have a known criminal history.

However, Pena’s remained secured to his ankle at the time of the murder. He allegedly removed the monitoring device two days after police officers discovered his victim’s lifeless body.

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