Michael Moore Issues Strong Warning To Biden, Re-Election Chances Not Great

(RepublicanPress.org) – Oscar-winning filmmaker and liberal activist Michael Moore was one of a select few pundits who predicted that Donald Trump would beat the odds and defeat political rival Hillary Clinton in 2016. He even penned a since-deleted article on his website (available on the Internet Archive) discussing five reasons the New York billionaire would win the presidential election that year. He recently issued a strong warning to Joe Biden about his potentially ill-fated bid for a second term.

On April 29, CNN’s “The Source” aired an interview with Moore. The program’s host, Kaitlan Collins, discussed a wide range of topics with the lefty liberal, starting with the recent pro-Palestine/anti-Israel protests sweeping the nation’s colleges and universities.

Moore claimed that Jewish and Palestinian students were bonding during those demonstrations through their shared belief that the Palestinian people were unable to “live in a democracy,” “have their freedom,” and enjoy the rights of others.

The conversation quickly turned to the upcoming presidential election. Collins noted that a recent CNN poll showed that 81% of voters under 35 said they disapproved of Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas War. Turning her attention to Moore, Collins asked him if he thought there was anything Biden “should be doing differently” to shift public sentiment.

Moore thanked Collins for asking that question. He said he agreed to do the interview with one goal: to “speak to one particular person… [Joe] Biden.” Moore told Collins he wanted to come on the show and say the president’s “chance of not being reelected… at this point, is so great because of those polling numbers.”

Continuing, Moore said Biden was “losing the youth vote” because of his administration’s policies regarding Israel. He’s lost the Arab-American vote in Michigan,” he added. Moore noted that New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg recently wrote a column warning that if the president lost Michigan, he would lose the election.

Moore concluded that portion of the interview by predicting that Democrats would “lose the election… lose Michigan” if Biden didn’t take action and “turn this [situation] around.”

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