Mexico Reportedly Promises $1.5 Billion to Help Manage Border

Mexico Reportedly Promises $1.5 Billion to Help Manage Border

Mexico Makes SHOCKING Pledge To the United States

( – On July 12, President Joe Biden met with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador about various issues, including migration, border security, climate change, and inflation. In a joint statement, the pair announced that Mexico would be investing $1.5 billion over the next two years on border infrastructure that should improve efficiency and security across a 2,000-mile stretch.

Biden and López Obrador also said they plan to work to reduce gang activity and address drug and human trafficking at the border. The Mexican president also asked the United States to allow more work visas for immigrants, but the American leader side-stepped the request by pointing to existing programs.

López Obrador also met with Vice President Kamala Harris to talk about both American and Mexican culture as well as the relationship between the two countries.

The $1.5-billion investment goes hand-in-hand with the $3.4-billion bipartisan effort to modernize “land ports of entry” into the US. The two leaders said the agreement should help improve trade, bring more security to the border, and unite communities in local areas.

What do you think about the measure and the latest pledge by López Obrador? Do you think it will help to address the ever-growing problems at the border?

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