Message In a Bottle Found After Almost 40 Years

Message In a Bottle Found After Almost 40 Years

( – Nobody knows exactly where, when, or even why people started putting messages in a bottle and tossing it in the sea, but finding them has become fascinating news.

On July 14, United Press International reported that a nine-year-old girl visiting Hawaii’s Paradise Park with her family found a mud-caked bottle on the shoreline. As it turned out, the bottle was thrown into the sea off the coast of Japan in July 1984, making it 37-years-old.

Abbie Graham, nine, initially thought the bottle was some kind of treasure. Her father thought it was old garbage. They went ahead and took the bottle with them. When they opened it up, a couple of days later, they were amazed to discover it was from Japan.

The Hawaii Tribune-Herald reported the message was written in three languages: Japanese, of course, along with English and Spanish. The message said it was written by a Japanese high school natural science club as part of an “ocean current investigation.” It asked the finder to contact the club and let them know the coordinates where the bottle was found.

The Graham family said they couldn’t read the school’s website to determine if the club still exists because the location is written in Japanese. They said they would probably laminate it, mail it directly to the school, and let them sort out the rest of the mystery.

However, the Guinness World Book of Records reports that a pair of Australians found the oldest message in a bottle on Wedge Island in 2018. According to Guinness, the bottle had been at sea for 131 years and 223 days. Its message contained the ship’s coordinates and departure and arrival date.

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