Media Bias Against Trump Is Real and Goes Back Decades

Media Bias Against Trump Is Real and Goes Back Decades

( – People who haven’t been paying close attention to Donald Trump for years might think his ongoing feud with mainstream media is something relatively new. However, he’s been sparring with journalists for decades.

On March 29, 1990, for example, Trump walked out of a CNN Money interview after host Charles Feldman appeared to insult him. The conversation went back and forth with the future president complaining of bias on the part of the news media, adding it “gets away with murder” but is protected by “ridiculous” libel laws.

After about a minute, Trump cut the interview short.

More recently, Trump walked out of a “60 Minutes” interview with host Lesley Stahl that aired on CBS on October 25. Contentious from the start, the interview eventually degraded with the president complaining about media coverage of Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Out of the blue, Stahl insulted Trump asking about his tweets and “name-calling.” After a couple of uncomfortable exchanges, the president thanked her and walked out of the interview.

Democrats tried to make a big deal out of the incident. However, a recent study supported the president’s claim of unfair treatment at the hand of the mainstream media.

Media Bias Against the President Is Real

On October 27, The Media Research Center (MRC) published a report detailing a comprehensive study of evening news coverage of President Trump and Joe Biden. The study covered the period from July 29 through October 20 and looked at reporting by CBS, NBC, and ABC news outlets.

MRC’s research revealed the media portrayed the president positively a paltry 8% of the time and the remaining 92% being negative. On the flip-side, the networks cast Biden positively 66% of the time with 34% negative coverage.

Additionally, the 3 networks comment nearly 10 times more about Trump than they did about Biden, almost 900 times about the president compared to 91 instances about Biden.

It’s no small wonder President Trump complains about media bias in light of this damning evidence. With the election only days away, media bias could play a significant role in the future of American democracy. On November 3, voters will decide if they believe the president deserves a second term.

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