Massive Cyberattack Impacts Meat Supply

Massive Cyberattack Impacts Meat Supply

( – Shortcomings within the nation’s cybersecurity systems have been on full display in the wake of the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline last month. The pipeline’s operators ended up paying hackers nearly $5 million in hard-to-trace cryptocurrency to restore operations, but not before gasoline prices increased. Now, a new attack is threatening the nation’s meat supply.

On June 1, White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that hackers targeted meat processing company JBS USA Holding using ransomware over the weekend.

As Jean-Pierre explained, the Biden administration offered assistance to JBS USA. The USDA reached out to other major meat processors in the United States to make sure they are aware of possible supply demands due to the attack.

Meat shortages, accompanied by price increases, appear inevitable because the attack forced JBS USA to shut down all its US-based beef processing plants. Bloomberg reported that nearly 25% of the nation’s beef production was halted due to those shutdowns.

The FBI is currently investigating the incident with support from the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. We will keep you updated on future developments.

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