Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Facebook’s New Name

Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Facebook's New Name

( – Facebook finds itself mired in multiple scandals, ranging from de-platforming former President Donald Trump to recent whistleblower reports detailing the company’s alleged indifference to potential risks to children using its sites. Amid this chaos, company head Mark Zuckerberg appears to be attempting to change Facebook’s image.

On October 28, Zuckerberg announced the social media site was changing its corporate name to Meta. He made the announcement during an appearance at the company’s annual developer conference.

Zuckerberg told participants Facebook “builds technology to connect [people].” However, the company’s current name no longer reflected its current role or future. He said he hoped the public would eventually view it as a “metaverse company.”

Facebook already rebranded its corporate newsroom as Meta, greeting visitors with a flashy video and a new welcoming message announcing, “Connection is evolving, and so are we.” An accompanying founder’s address from Zuckerberg provided additional insight into the company’s new direction.

As the CEO explained, the social media company expanded over the years from desktop computers to mobile phones and from “text to photos to video.” Moving forward, the company’s future platform will become “even more immersive.” Meta even plans to expand into emerging technologies like holograms to enhance its users’ experiences.

With all the current messes Facebook needs to clean up, one wonders why the company isn’t prioritizing those instead of staging what appears to be a public relations stunt.

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