Mark Levin Wants to Boycott Liberal Companies

Mark Levin Wants to Boycott Liberal Companies

( – Perhaps it’s time for conservatives to take the gloves off with Democrats temporarily controlling the White House, the House, and Senate. Radio personality and Fox News host Mark Levin called on patriots to step up and do their part to save the country from Democratic-led efforts to force a Leftist agenda on the country.

Levin’s latest book, American Marxism, hit the shelves on Tuesday, July 13. As he explained, it’s no longer enough for conservatives to get out the vote. Instead, it’s time for them to take time out of their daily lives and push back against lefty liberals.

American Marxism also provides a map for patriots wanting to make a difference. For example, it calls for a boycott of companies and sports teams aligned with liberal causes. Similarly, it suggests boycotting social media platforms that target conservative voices, drive efforts to promote cancel culture, and support controversial programs like the teaching of critical race theory.

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell wrote an informative article for Breitbart News discussing American Marxism. According to him, it’s “arguably, [Mark] Levin’s most important work” so far.

You can go to the Mark Levin Show website at for more information about American Marxism.

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