Marjorie Taylor Greene Targets Fani Willis in Ethics Complaint

Marjorie Taylor Greene Targets Fani Willis in Ethics Complaint

( – In early January, former President Donald Trump’s (R) co-defendant, Michael Roman, filed a motion against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. He claimed the DA had a romantic relationship with lead prosecutor Nathan Wade, assigned to the Georgia RICO case against Roman, Trump, and several others. Her disqualification hearing is upcoming. Now, a representative from the House is inserting herself into the controversy for the second time.

On February 8, The Hill reported that Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) filed a second ethics complaint against Willis, following a separate complaint she lodged in January. In the most recent filing, Greene said the DA’s alleged failure to disclose “luxury vacations” taken with Wade violates Georgia’s Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Act. However, Greene filed the complaint with the Georgia State Ethics Commission, which may or may not have jurisdiction over the specific points the representative raised. The Georgia lawmaker announced her filing on social media, alleging Willis’ failure to disclose was a “scandal of epic proportions.”

Willis recently filed papers admitting she had a personal relationship with Wade but claimed there were no financial conflicts and no reason she should be removed from the RICO case against Trump and the company. According to CBS News, an affidavit submitted by Wade along with the Fulton County DA’s filing stated he had “no financial interest” in what happened with the 2020 election case, and no money paid to him for working on the case was shared with Willis. The filing called the deep dive into Willis’ and Wade’s personal lives was backed with no evidence, calling it “incredibly inappropriate.”

Greene’s ethics complaint reportedly stated the lead prosecutor received about $700,000 for working on the Trump case, putting him in a category that would require Willis to disclose any spending between the pair. According to The Hill, the arguments contained in the legislator’s filing were already addressed by Willis’ office in previous court filings.

The DA did not comment publicly about Greene’s complaint.

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