Marianne Williamson Rejoins Presidential Race

Marianne Williamson Rejoins Presidential Race

( – On February 7, ABC News reported that Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson suspended her campaign. After earning just 3% of the vote in Nevada’s primary and losing to “none of these candidates,” she decided to step aside. That left Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips as President Joe Biden’s only primary contender — until now.

On February 28, Williamson posted a video on social media where she announced she was throwing her hat back in the ring. The Democratic candidate explained that she suspended her campaign because she was “losing the horse race” but realized there was something much bigger at stake — fascism. Williamson believes that Biden isn’t bringing enough to the table to defeat former President Donald Trump (R), whom she refers to as a “fascist.” She doesn’t think the Biden team can keep the former US leader out of office but believes she can.

In her re-ignition speech, Williamson highlighted many issues she believes are plaguing Americans, things she is committed to addressing — starting with helping the “middle class.”

Before suspending her campaign at the beginning of February, Williamson was only polling at less than 10%. February 7 average percentages reported by FiveThirtyEight gave her 6.7% to Biden’s 71.1%. Phillips, at that point, was only earning 3.7% support. The most recent primary happened in Michigan, where the president earned 81% of the primary vote, leaving 13% uncommitted.

Still, both Williamson and Biden seem to share the same view of a second Trump presidency, The former described him as a “juggernaut of dark, dark vision” and the latter has made it clear that he believes democracy itself hangs in the balance.

According to The Hill, the candidate’s critics believe her campaign is simply not sophisticated enough to pose a real challenge to the Biden campaign. The Democratic National Committee itself is backing the president for re-election.

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