Marco Rubio Slams White House Travel Restriction Considerations

Marco Rubio Slams White House Travel Restriction Considerations

( – President Joe Biden lashed out at Donald Trump after he issued a travel ban on China in response to the emerging COVID-19 virus in late January 2020. He attacked Trump’s method of dealing with the virus, accusing him of exhibiting “xenophobia” and of “fear-mongering.” Then then he followed up a month later claiming travel bans would not stop the spread of the deadly disease. Now that he’s in office, Biden is singing a different tune.

On February 10, the Miami Herald reported that his administration is considering imposing domestic travel restrictions to include Florida. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) didn’t waste any time calling out Biden’s blatant hypocrisy.

He also sent a letter to Biden, calling the plan to restrict domestic travel a travesty, an “outrageous” and “authoritarian move” with no foundation in “law or science.” He also suggested that if Biden had concerns regarding the coronavirus’ spread, he should “fast-track” the distribution of additional vaccines to Florida instead of wreaking economic havoc on the state.

Rubio told Fox and Friends he believed the ban was unconstitutional and would be challenged in the courts. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Perhaps Rubio’s letter to Biden will have its intended effect.

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