Manchin Declines To Endorse Anyone for President for Now

Manchin Declines To Endorse Anyone for President for Now

( – Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), who had been considering a run for the presidency on a third-party ticket, recently announced he would not toss his hat in the arena. NPR reported that the legislator made the announcement at an event at West Virginia University where he promised to “be involved” in ensuring the US has a leader with “knowledge” and “passion” to unite the country.

On February 20, The Hill reported that Manchin also made it clear that he wasn’t officially “endorsing anybody” just yet. The West Virginia lawmaker said there was “plenty of time” to decide, and he was going to “see what all happens” before making any official announcement.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reportedly asked Manchin directly if his lack of commitment to a candidate meant he didn’t support President Joe Biden (D) for re-election. He responded that his focus was to make sure the center was represented in government, not the “extremes.”

As an example of extremism, Manchin reportedly pointed to former President Donald Trump (R), indicating that perhaps he would not consider backing the previous US leader for another term in the White House. Still, he wouldn’t commit to Biden. The legislator said Biden used to retain the qualities he is looking for in a US leader but felt that his supporters have pushed him “too far to the left.”

Without mentioning any names, Manchin stated there might be other candidates running for the Oval Office on a third-party ticket that he would like better. He said Independents are an option, as are possible candidates from No Labels.

Not only is Manchin not running for president in 2024, but the lawmaker is also not seeking re-election in the Senate. In November 2023, the Associated Press reported that the West Virginia legislator said he “accomplished what [he] set out to do” for his state and, after speaking with his family, decided it was time to step out of Congress. His departure opens up a possible seat for the GOP to fill this fall.

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