Man Who Helped Joe Biden Leaves Afghanistan With Family

Man Who Helped Joe Biden Leaves Afghanistan With Family

( – President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal of Afghanistan stranded scores of American citizens and allies in the Taliban-controlled country. An Afghan interpreter who once helped rescue then-Senator Joe Biden after his helicopter crashed in Afghanistan was one such individual. However, there’s some good news regarding his current whereabouts.

On October 11, The Wall Street Journal reported that Aman Khalili and his family finally managed to escape from Afghanistan a few days ago after being forced to hide out for weeks.

Khalili sent a personal plea to Biden for assistance. Sadly, the US has been struggling to evacuate the individuals left behind in a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Like many Afghans and Americans, Khalili indicated in a phone interview that he felt betrayed by Biden and the country he fought so hard to support for years.

Fortunately, a group of US veterans formulated a plan to get Khalili out of Afghanistan. Working with well-connected Pakistani operatives and former Afghan soldiers, the group managed to carry out a covert mission to drive Khalili and his family more than 600 miles to the Pakistan border.

Combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient, Brian Genthe, told reporters Khalili helped keep him and other Americans safe while they fought in Afghanistan, and he wanted to “return the favor.” The Afghan interpreter was a real “blessing,” he added.

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