Man Who Attacked Judge Now Facing Attempted Murder Charge

Man Who Attacked Judge Now Facing Attempted Murder Charges

( – News headlines erupted the first week of January after a video went viral showing Deobra Redden, 30, flying through the air and assaulting Las Vegas Judge Mary Holthus and other court personnel. Redden mounted his attack after Holthus denied his request for probation after he pleaded guilty to attempted battery with substantial bodily harm (SBH). A different judge recently arraigned him on one count of attempted murder and other charges related to the incident.

On January 9, Redden appeared for his arraignment alongside his court-appointed attorney in a different courtroom before Clark County District Judge Lauren Defenbach. He faces a total of 15 criminal charges, including seven counts of battery on a protected person, a gross misdemeanor. Judges, court officials, and law enforcement personnel are protected under that statute.

Redden also faces eight felonies related to his courtroom attack. Those charges include:

  1. Attempted murder on an “older person;”
  2. Battery on a protected person resulting in SBH with the same “older person” enhancement as the first count;
  3. Extortion;
  4. Intimidation of public officers and others with threat of force (ToF);
  5. Disregarding the safety of persons and property resulting in SBH;
  6. Battery by a prisoner, parolee, or probationer;
  7. Unlawful act regarding fluid by a prisoner in confinement; and
  8. Coercion with force or ToF.

Redden is accused of leaping over the judge’s bench “Superman-style” and landing directly on Holthus. He reportedly hit her about the head, put his hands around her throat, and pulled her hair.

Redden also allegedly attacked Holthus’ clerk, a Las Vegas police officer, and a county marshall. Likewise, he reportedly spit on another court officer, according to the criminal complaint.

Redden appeared at his arraignment hearing surrounded by several law enforcement officers. He was shackled and wore a complete facial covering and bright orange mitts.

The court accepted Redden’s innocent plea and scheduled his preliminary hearing for February 14. He faces decades in prison if convicted on all counts.

The previous day, Redden appeared for his sentencing hearing before Judge Holthus. She sentenced him to four years in prison with the possibility of parole after 10 months. She advised the defendant that she did not base her sentence on his previous attack.

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