Man Under Fire After Using Late Stepson’s Savings for Vacation

Man Under Fire After Using Late Stepson's Savings for Vacation

( – The untimely death of a child is a bitter pill to swallow that can lead to various stress factors. People often grieve at different paces, putting them at odds with another family member. A recent story about a man’s decision to spend his stepson’s savings for a vacation serves as an example of family conflict over the death of a child in action.

A grieving mother recently discussed the incident on the popular discussion and news aggregation website Reddit. According to the mother, she and her ex-husband set up an “emergency fund” for her son. Sadly, the 13-year-old passed away from cancer about 3 months ago.

The Reddit user wrote that the resulting grief had been “tense.” Making matters worse, she discovered her current husband used her son’s emergency fund to pay for an overseas golfing trip with a group of friends. The woman wrote that she uncovered the situation after reviewing financial records. Her husband never bothered telling her he drained the account.

The woman told Reddit she confronted her husband about the money. He claimed that no one had considered his feelings — and that he took the golfing trip to relieve stress. She said he accused her of setting things in motion by “pushing him [aside] and ignoring him” in the wake of her son’s death. When she told her ex-husband about the money, he threatened to sue — with her full support.

What do you think about this situation? Was the stepfather out of line?

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