Man Sets World Record After Making Daring Dive

Man Sets World Record After Making Daring Dive

( – As one GQ recently put it, the objective of the extreme sport of freediving remains pretty straightforward for all its complexity. Divers go as deep as they can in one breath and come back to the surface. Russian diver Alexey Molchanov recently accomplished an impressive feat with his latest record.

In July, a collection of 42 of the world’s best freedivers gathered in the Bahamas to compete in the Vertical Blue Competition. Conducted annually, divers test their skills at a 660-foot shaft of ocean water located in a geological anomaly called a blue hole.

Molchanov beat out the other competitors to reach a depth of 430 feet, roughly the length of 1.43 football fields. He managed this incredible feat without a scuba tank by holding his breath for more than four and a half minutes. At least as impressive, he holds 24 recorded freediving records by the CMSA (the World Underwater Federation in English) and AIDA (the International Association for Apnea Development).

Molchanov told CBS News’ 60-Minutes host Sharyn Alfonsi he’s far from finished with setting records. The man told her that he knows he can go deeper with his mind-control, and because he can, he will! “I enjoy finding new boundaries,” Molchanov explained, adding that freediving is a matter of applying the proper technique to control one’s oxygen use.

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