Man Receives Huge Reward After Finding Money

Man Receiving Huge Reward After Finding Money

( – In March 2014, noted Houston televangelist Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church reported that about $600,000 in cash, credit card authorizations, and checks disappeared from the church’s safe. The whereabouts of the missing funds remained a mystery until an area plumber recently discovered the stash.

On November 10, a plumber, identified only as Justin, arrived at the Lakewood Church to repair a toilet. The work involved tearing out a wall — and that’s when he made his remarkable discovery. As he worked to reveal source pipes, he found hundreds of envelopes enclosed in the wall’s structure. To his amazement, he found they contained the missing cash and checks.

An honest man, Justin immediately contacted his supervisor and turned over the roughly 500 envelopes. Local police officials later confirmed Justin’s find was the missing money from the 2014 theft.

As it turned out, Lakewood Church gave the local Crime Stoppers chapter $20,000 to use as reward money after the theft took place years ago. The group decided to give the money to Justin.

As a side note, Justin watched Osteen’s televised sermon the Sunday after his discovery to see if the pastor would mention his good deed. To his disappointment, Osteen didn’t raise the return of the church’s money.

However, $20,000 is a pretty good haul for an honest day’s labor by any account.

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