Man On Trial for Killing Roommate, Dismembering Body And Storing Remains In Freezer

( – On April 13, media outlets exploded with the gruesome details surrounding the 2022 death of an alleged drug dealer. The man’s roommate reportedly killed him, dismembered his body, and stored his remains in a freezer. Law enforcement officials recently arrested the suspect, and he faces trial for his role in the brutal murder.

On April 12, the Brooklyn County District Attorney’s Office issued a press release detailing the recent indictment and arraignment of 45-year-old Nicholas McGee for his role in the stabbing death of Kawsheen Gelzer, 39. He pleaded not guilty to multiple felony charges during his first appearance in the case before Supreme Court Justice Jane Tully.

Those charges included first and second-degree murder, tampering with physical evidence, first-degree robbery, and concealment of a human corpse. Tully ordered McGee’s detention without bail.

The case started in late January after police officers responded to an anonymous call claiming that McGee’s wife, Heather Stines, was storing a corpse in her refrigerator. Officers found those remains and placed her under arrest.

Brooklyn prosecutors arraigned Stines a few weeks later. Like her husband, she faces multiple felonies. She entered a not-guilty plea to single counts of tampering with physical evidence, concealment of a human corpse, and first-degree hindering of prosecution.

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez discussed several of the details surrounding the case in his office’s press release. He explained that McGee allegedly stabbed Gelzer while the victim was sleeping on a sofa following a heated argument over drugs.

Gelzer reportedly awoke during the attack, and a violent struggle ensued. The victim eventually died as a result of a blow from a hammer and multiple stab wounds. Afterward, prosecutors alleged that McGee stole narcotics from Gelzer’s pocket.

Prosecutors accused McGee of using a hammer and saw to dismember Gelzter’s body. The defendant stored most of the remains in plastic bags, placed them in a suitcase, and stored them in a refrigerator. Inexplicably, he placed the victim’s arms and legs in the freezer.

McGee faces a life sentence if convicted on the top count in the indictment.

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