Man Killed by Teens Reportedly Had History of Abuse

Man Killed by Teens Reportedly Had History of Abuse

( – The disturbing case of a Texas man who allegedly sexually assaulted a young girl hit another troubling twist this week. Police found 42-year-old Gabriel Quintanilla’s body in a field on January 20 after three teens allegedly beat him to death in the wake of the incident. Now, new information from 2019 suggests it wasn’t the first time someone accused Quintanilla of consistent and protracted sexual abuse.

In a January 25 press conference, Police Chief Andy Harvey Jr. shared the news that Quintanilla was evading an active warrant related to a separate sexual abuse case dating back to 2019 at the time of his death.

Harvey claims police repeatedly attempted to track Quintanilla down. He apparently evaded their efforts and remained on the run until Alejandro Trevino, Christian Trevino, and their friend, Juan Eduardo Melendez, beat him to death for sexually assaulting the Trevinos’ 9-year-old sister.

All three of the boys currently stand accused of murder. But, the case is stirring up significant controversy about whether they should face punishment at all.

Former Judge Charles “Big Angry” Adams told Fox News Houston that many people can probably sympathize with the teens’ response to Quintanilla sexually assaulting their little sister. He feels the circumstances provide a justifiable rationale for their actions.

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