Man Killed by Police After Taking Over Backhoe

Man Killed by Police After Taking Over Backhoe

( – There’s been no shortage of bizarre and disturbing crimes making headlines this year. However, the story of a crazed New Jersey man and a hijacked backhoe could hit more than a few Top 10 lists as 2021 draws to a close.

On Saturday, December 18, an officer from the Vineland Police Department fatally shot a suspect after he allegedly stole a backhoe and used it to overturn a squad car. Three police officers reported minor injuries in the bizarre incident.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office issued a press release later that day providing additional details of the incident. A lone police officer fired his service weapon at an unidentified suspect at a local trailer park around 5:30 in the morning. Officers and emergency rescue personnel tried to save him, but he was declared dead shortly after.

Aida Morales, a Penn Lincoln Mobile Home Park resident, shot a short video of the incident to local news channel Fox 29, WTXF-TV. The clip shows the excavator flipping a squad car over onto its side, and you can hear a woman’s voice exclaiming, “Oh, my God.” The backhoe then starts chasing another marked police vehicle.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office is investigating the incident.

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