Man Hit With Charges Over Threats Against Lawmaker

Man Hit With Charges Over Threats Against Lawmaker

( – Ever since the Hamas terrorist group attacked Israel on October 7, there has been a rise in anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim incidents across the United States. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently confirmed that his department has been responding to an “increase in threats” to those two communities, in addition to Arab-Americans, since that time. The issue has now permeated to the US Senate.

On October 30, CBS News reported that police arrested a Nevada man for leaving anti-Semitic and threatening messages on Democratic Senator Jacky Rosen’s (NV) voicemail. John Anthony Miller allegedly left messages on October 17 and October 19, promising to “finish what Hitler started” and referring to the legislator as “vermin.” While the court records didn’t mention Rosen specifically, the senator’s office confirmed she was the target.

In the first message, the suspect reportedly said the lawmaker “chose evil,” called her a b**ch multiple times, and threatened to “exterminate” her. The next message stated that Rosen was a “piece of s**t” and was going to “burn in…h*ll” for her “crimes.” While Miller said more on the voicemail, it doesn’t appear he specified her alleged crimes.

In between his rants, Miller reportedly appeared at the Las Vegas federal courthouse. Rosen has an office in the building. Security didn’t allow him access, which apparently set him off. According to court documents, the suspect threatened to “kill every last Israeli,” stating they were terrorists.

The Daily Mail reported that Miller was caught on video yelling his offensive remarks while carrying a Palestinian flag. As for the voicemail messages, the news outlet said the speech patterns matched that of the suspect.

The suspect now faces one charge of threatening a federal official and is due in court on November 12. Senator Rosen has not commented specifically about the incident. However, she has been outspoken in her support of Israel.

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