Man Goes Back to Prison Almost 30 Years After Escaping

Man Goes Back to Prison Almost 30 Years After Escaping

( – Prison escapes are rare in modern times, but not unheard of at all. However, it’s not every day that one hears about someone trying to get back into prison. Yet, that’s what happened to an Australian escapee who was down on his luck.

Darko Desic escaped from Australia’s Grafton Correctional Centre in 1992. He had already served more than half of his 33-month sentence for cultivating marijuana.

News outlets recently reported that Sydney’s Central Court Magistrate Jennifer Atkinson sent him back to prison to serve the remaining 14 months of his sentence, tacking on two more months for his decades-old escape. Desic turned himself in at a local police station in mid-September in hopes it would give him a place to stay. As it turned out, Sydney’s COVID-19 lockdown had left him out of work and living on the streets.

Desic told the court he escaped from prison due to concerns Australian officials would deport him to his homeland in the former nation of Yugoslavia. He feared the government would force him to serve in the military during the four-year war that eventually split the country. After a hearing prior to his escape, his lawyer told journalists that Australia’s Border Force had already advised his client they would deport Desic upon his release from prison.

However, times have changed, and Grafton prison only houses transient prisoners awaiting trial in Australia’s northern region. It remains unclear where Desic will serve out the remainder of his enhanced sentence.

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