Man Finds Tooth From Gigantic Shark

Man Finds Tooth From Gigantic Shark

( – Megalodon sharks were one of the most ferocious predators to roam the Seven Seas. Scientists named those fearsome beasts Carcharocles megalodon, or “big-toothed glorious shark.” Spanning up to three times the length of the modern-day great white sharks, they went extinct 3.6 million years ago. A typical megalodon had nearly 300 teeth in its powerful jaws. A lucky Florida fossil hunter recently found an intact specimen after a years-long quest for one.

On October 15, Michael Nastasio reported his exciting discovery on his Facebook page. He said he had been searching for a “whole 6-inch Megalodon shark tooth” in the waters surrounding Venice, Florida, for 10 years.

Nastasio, the captain of Black Gold Fossil Charters, wrote that he was the last person to enter the water that day and saw the tooth within minutes. He added that his feline friend, Casper, was helping him clean the 6-1/6 inch fossil. “I’m so happy… and literally still shaking,” he wrote.

Fossil collectors and enthusiasts can purchase Megalodon teeth from online retailers like FossilEra, a member of the Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences. As of October 20, depending on their size and condition, prices on the site ranged from $12 to $2,995.

Megalodon teeth have been found on North America’s east coast and in waterways in Florida and the Carolinas. Antarctica is the only continent where fossil hunters haven’t found them.

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