Man Dies Right After Guilty Verdict in Child Abuse Case

Man Dies Right After Guilty Verdict in Child Abuse Case

Convicted Man DEAD – Right After the Guilty Verdict!

( – On August 8, jury selection began to hear evidence in the State of Texas vs. Edward Leclair, a case where the defendant was an accused child rapist. Three days later, the panel filed into the Denton County courtroom to render their verdict. Shortly after they announced their decision, the defendant died from unknown circumstances.

Local ABC affiliate WFAA reported that everything appeared normal in the Denton County Court’s Building that day. The jury handed its verdict to District Court Judge Lee Gabriel. She read the verdict out loud — guilty as charged on all five counts of sexual assault on a minor.

Suddenly, Leclair reached for a water bottle and started chugging it, according to First Assistant DA Jamie Beck. He wasn’t “just taking sips,” the prosecutor recounted. “He was… throwing it back, so to speak.”

The judge ordered officials to take Leclair into custody and released the jury for the day. However, the defendant’s behavior alarmed an investigator who dispatched a bailiff to check on him.

Beck told reporters the court official found Leclair in the holding cell with a “gray” pallor and called assistance. At 3:21 p.m., medical personnel officially pronounced him dead, but haven’t listed a cause yet.

Law enforcement officials collected Leclair’s water bottle as evidence, and the Denton Record-Chronicle reported the Texas Rangers are investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.

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