Man Claims Alien Abduction Destroyed His Marriage

Man Claims Alien Abduction Destroyed His Marriage

( – It’s not that unusual to hear far-out claims from individuals regarding the reasons for the dissolution of their marriages. However, an earthling from the United States came up with an explanation that is out of this world — literally!

In mid-September 2021, Steve Colbern made the extraordinary claim that aliens abducted him and planted a nanochip in his arm. He told reporters the chip prompted him to assume awkward behaviors that resulted in him first losing his job and then his marriage.

According to Colbern, it all began one night when he noticed an unidentified flying object flying overhead. The next thing he knew, the UFO snatched him up using a green tractor beam. He said aliens took him to a medical station onboard their spacecraft. Then, alien technicians supposedly implanted the device into his arm using a stainless steel tube containing fiber optic threads.

Colbern said he didn’t feel the same after his release from the alien ship. He related that he had a hard time getting along with humans back on earth. His wife reportedly ended up having difficulty coping with his changes, and the rest was history!

The now-single Mr. Colbern also claims this wasn’t his first encounter of the third kind. He says he has boarded UFOs multiple times in the past.

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