Man Charged After Allegedly Shooting Prominent SC Attorney

Man Charged After Allegedly Shooting Prominent SC Attorney

( – In many ways, the twisted tale of prominent South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh resembles something from a Hollywood screenwriter’s imagination and not real life. Yet, oddly enough, the story keeps getting stranger.

On June 7, Murdaugh found his wife, Maggie, and son Paul shot to death outside the family’s home in Islandton, South Carolina. The investigation remains ongoing, and law enforcement officials haven’t named any suspects yet. Paul’s death came before he was going to stand trial for a boat accident that left a young woman dead.

Then, on September 4, Murdaugh resigned from his position at a local law firm after it reported missing funds. The following day, one of his former clients, Curtis Edward Smith, allegedly shot him in the head as he was changing a tire. Murdoch called 911 and received treatment at a local hospital for a gunshot graze.

Police arrested Smith on September 14 and charged him with attempting an assisted suicide and several other felonies. Murdaugh’s lawyer claimed Smith took advantage of his client’s history of drug abuse and agreed to participate in the scheme.

The police allege that Murdaugh hoped his surviving son would collect a $10-million life insurance payout after his death. He faces one count of conspiracy to commit insurance fraud.

Additionally, on September 15, South Carolina law enforcement officials announced they opened an investigation into the accidental death of one of Murdaugh’s housekeepers at his home in 2018. Court documents attributed the death to an accidental “fall,” but the local coroner said the death her office never received word of the death, and she never conducted an autopsy.

One has to wonder what’s going on behind all this chaos. Was Murdaugh only concerned with his son’s financial future, or was something more sinister at play?

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