Man Caught By Authorities After Hiding Under Blanket

Man Caught By Authorities After Hiding Under Blanket

( – Police officers manage to locate suspects in a variety of curious ways. In some instances, investigators use sophisticated techniques to find lawbreakers. In others, sheer luck (or incompetence on the part of the culprits) plays a significant role in their arrest. The latter case came into play in a hilarious instance of cat and mouse that recently took place in the United Kingdom.

On Monday, October 4, the Derbyshire Constabulary’s Safer Neighborhood Policing Team (SNT) announced the arrest of a suspect in Swadlincote, England. According to the report, officers knocked on a resident’s door and asked about the whereabouts of a “wanted offender.”

Officers went ahead and conducted a quick search of the premises despite being told the offender wasn’t there. Officers opened a cupboard (closet in the USA) as part of their effort. Lo and behold, they found the suspect hiding under a blanket. According to the constabulary, “his big feet gave him away.” Unknown to the suspect, they were sticking out from beneath the blanket.

Sergeant Nizzer noted that anyone attempting to flee from the police will end up “go[ing] to jail tired.” However, as he explained, this suspect “had his blanket ready” for a jailhouse nap.

The SNT posted the two images in the tweet above with no explanation. Perhaps, the suspect wanted to hide from cameras after being discovered?

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