Man Builds Rotating House for His Wife

Man Builds Rotating House for His Wife

( – It’s been said that love creates unparalleled inspiration. A recent story about a retired man’s devotion to his wife serves as a shining example of that notion in practice.

Vojin Kusic’s wife has a long-standing practice of whining about the couple’s home and refurbishing it to suit her ever-changing whims. So the 72-year-old self-described innovator decided to design a rotating house to keep things interesting.

The completed house rotates a full 360-degrees using a 30-foot axis. Kusic told reporters it takes 24 hours, at its slowest speed, for the house to complete one rotation. However, it’s probably not recommended to set it on high, since Kusic says it can complete a full revolution in 22 seconds when set to its peak operating speed.

Located on a Bosnian farm, the house overlooks cornfields and other crops facing in one direction. As it rotates, the scenery changes to woodlands, complete with a stream.

Kusic said the works of two Serbian-American inventors, Nikola Tesla and Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin, inspired him to take on the project. It took Kusic roughly six years to complete, minus a brief hospital visit for an unspecified heart ailment. Amused, he told reporters he instructed doctors to give him another year of life to complete the project.

As an interesting side note, Kusic’s wife’s name means “loved one” in English.

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